Thank you for sharing your experience of Covid, and I am really glad you knew to take monoclonal antibodies. They are an amazingly effective treatment, and so it is a shame they aren't in the news more, Dr Peter McCullough cheerleads for them often, and berates the government for not trumpeting them loudly, as they are not in short supply - the government bought up millions of doses of them.

It's great you can be around your children and grandchildren at this time - festive seasons are very important family bonding times. My only two grandchildren have been born during the 'pandemic' and I have been unable to meet them yet, because we live in separate countries, both of which have been basically locked up for the duration. Governmental policies cause terrible costs that are rarely discussed. But thank heavens for internet. We sing, make music, read books, have parties, etc - all via a screen. It's not the same as being physically there, but a lot better than nothing.

I hope your back heals soon. Have you tried rubbing arnica cream on it regularly?

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I’m glad you came out on ‘this’ side and not ‘the other one’. This made me smile! Thank you for your openness!

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Thank you for your prayers and care!

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