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Welcome to The Not Too Long and Short of It! I write because I love it ... short fiction, poetry and reflections on life. Maybe one day I will write a novel.

So what can you expect if you subscribe to this newsletter? Each week-ish I plan to write something new, maybe point out and reflect on something old, talk about what it was like to be young and now (getting) older, muse on how there is nothing new under the sun, ponder something new I have recently observed, or share something I am learning from others. Et cetera (and the rest). I have a lot of ideas swimming around in my mind.

It may seem like I am breaking all of the rules, since they say it is good to find a niche and have a target audience if you want to make it in the blogging world. The problem is that I have a thing for wide open spaces, and I really don’t like to target anyone, and I’m not really trying to “make it” anywhere.

But I have chosen a niche—shortness. And how exactly do I define short? Well, that depends on what I am writing about, but I promise you, it won’t be too long.

Subscribe today and join me on my crazy writing journey. I hope that some of my writing will encourage you to reflect on meaningful moments in your own life. And maybe even write them down.